Cambodian Rocks Volume 1 (3rd Edition)

Cambodian Rocks Volume 1 (3rd Edition)
Cambodian Rocks Volume 1 (3rd Edition) Detail
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Cambodian Rocks Volume 1 (3rd Edition) Description

A fair number of people may have heard the earlier disc known as Cambodian Rocks (Parallel World, 1996), but Cambodian Rocks vol 1, disc along with Cambodian Rocks vol. 2, are vastly superior. I’m not dissing Parallel Wolrd’s effort – that’s where I first heard classic Cambodian rocknroll – but this disc smokes! The mix is much better, the singers are identified (and photos included) and english translations of the lyrics are included. This disc is a vibrant mix of both rocknroll intrume…

Before the genocide in Cambodia in 1975, Cambodians traveled in and out of France and became very influenced by the western music. Can you imagine music echoed from the Beatles, Bee Gees, Monkees, Santana, Van Morrison, Scott McKenzie, Carpenters, and much more in Cambodian versions and lyrics?! These two collections prove it all with many more to be heard in the future compilation. These late-60′s/early 70′s era songs have a sound that’s completely inexplicable despite the use of standa…

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Cambodian Rocks Volume 1 (3rd Edition)

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